We learn how to drive snowmobile safely on tracks, and at the end of instruction we make a safari to bring in practice what we have learned.

We drive to our fishing camp, where you can experience the Lappish style of fishing on the frozen lake. Fishing through the little hole you have drilled in the thick ice will be a new and different way of fishing.

The most common species in this lake is perch.

While fishing we prepare a Lappish style lunch on open fire.

Approx. 5 h Min. 2 adults 8.12.2021 - 18.4.2022 Starting from 168€ Trip inquiries



2 persons/snowmobile: 168€/person

1 person/snowmobile: 233€/person

Children under 12 years: 40% discount

Children under 12 years sit in a sled pulled behind the guide

Youth 12-17 years/adults without driving license sit behind the driver