Join our educational snowshoe walk to study the Lappish forest as a carbon sink.

We will look at how our forests work as carbon sinks and how much different
types of forests bind carbon dioxide on a yearly basis.

Furthermore, we study the whole life cycle of the forest to see what happens
with the carbon dioxide that was bound in the trees when the forest is cut,
and the wood is used for different purposes as for example building material
(as Valkea log cabins), fire wood, or paper.

We will donate 5 eur/participant in this program for planting new trees in the Valkea area.
Hot drink and sandwiches in the forest is included, 4h program.

Approx. 4h MIN. 2 PERSONS 12.12.20 - 17.4.2021 78 EUR / PERSON Trip inquiries



This program is bookable on spot only