Mountain biking


The mountain Ritavaara and its surroundings offers an excellent trail network for mountain biking. At the moment, we are working on mapping the trails and improving wet areas etc. We will have routed maps and gps-tracks for the summer 2017, in the meanwhile, check out some nice mountain biking trails in Pello from here.

Hiking, trail running, nature trails


The paths at Valkea Arctic Experience is a dream for the trail runner or hiker, with various landscapes, speed and difficulty.  The 4 km signposted nature trail Jaipaljukka , with rock formation  created by melting glaciers and tectonic plate movements towards the end of the Ice Age, has it starting point approx. 2 km from Valkea Arctic Lodge.  Along the paths, there are teepes and resting places for enjoying a coffee or a snack.

Berry picking


In July, the abundant Blueberry season begins, together with Cloudberries, followed by Lingonberry and Cranberry


Salmon fishing

Torne river (about 6 km from Valkea Arctic Lodge), is Europe’s longest free flowing river, and famous for it’s salmong fishing.  Apart from the river, we also have many beautiful lakes nearby excellent for perch and trout fishing.


Midnight sun canoing

We have fast running streams and rivers for the adventurous, or also beautiful tranquil lakes for those who want to relax and just andjoy the nature and beauty of canoing.

More summer activities

Summer activities

There are lots more great activities around Valkea Arctic Lodge and the village of Pello. For more information about summer activities, please visit the web site Travel Pello.