Who are we?

Valkea Arctic Experience Team is here for you; to share our love and experience of the Lappish nature and activities.

The wide wilderness areas in western Lapland and Sweden provide excellent circumstances for an active traveller. Untouched wilderness as far as the eye can see forests and hills, rivers and lakes, campfires and coffee, no hurry and silence, the midnight sun and northern lights. These adventures you get to experience safely with our  experienced guides. We operate on both the Finnish and Swedish side of the border, at latitude 66.7,  where the Arctic Circle meets the freely flowing Tornio River and Lake Valkea. Our services include activities, accommodation and meals.

                                Welcome to get to know us

                                Antti-Pekka Palokangas
                                Tribal Chief

Something on your mind?

  • Detta fält används för valideringsändamål och ska lämnas oförändrat.

How cold is it in Lapland?

The temperature in Lapland has big variations. In the winter months (December – April), anything in between + 2 degrees to – 35 degrees is normal. In the summer months temperatures between 0 degrees to + 25 degrees is normal.

For a weather forcast, you can follow the following link to the Finnish meterologial institute:


What kind of clothes and other necesseties should I bring?

Due to the big variations in temperature in Lapland, the 4-layer clothing system is the best – and the warmest. 

We will provide you with the following clothing:
– Thermal overalls (4th layer)
– Boots
– Gloves
– For snowmobile safaris a balaclava to wear under the helmet

Please bring your own of the following clothing:
– Warm socks (you should wear 2 pairs in the boots, base layer + warm wool socks).
– 1:st layer (long warm underpants and shirts, ex. merino wool).
– 2:nd layer (soft trousers, ex. fleece / sports trousers and ex. fleece jumper)
– 3:rd layer for upper body (ex. warm wool jumper)
– Warm hat that covers the ears
– Scarf
– Skiing clothes if you have and plan to go cross-country skiing or downhill skiing (but our thermal overalls can also be used for this)

Other useful things to bring:
– Head tourch (if you want to take a walk in the afternoon / evening, especially good to bring December – February)
– Telephone (if you go out in the nature by yourself and need to call in case of emergency).
– Small back pack to bring with you on the activities (in case you want to remove/add clothing etc)

The apartments have basic soap, shampoo and hair dryers, but please bring your normal toiletries. We sell basic toiletris in the small shop in the reception (razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine products etc.)

There is no need to bring your own snacks. If you are hungry between meal times, we have a small á lá carte list with sandwiches, cakes etc. We also sell snacks in the small shop in reception, such as chocholates, nuts, crisps. 




Can I see Aurora Borealis?

With some luck – yes!

The likelyhood to be able to see Aurora Borealis depends on the activity in the solar winds and if the sky is clear.

To see a forecast for the Aurora Borealis, please follow the link:


The auroras, both surrounding the north magnetic pole (aurora borealis) and south magnetic pole (aurora australis) occur when highly charged electrons from the solar wind interact with elements in the earth’s atmosphere. Solar winds stream away from the sun at speeds of about 1 million miles per hour. When they reach the earth, some 40 hours after leaving the sun, they follow the lines of magnetic force generated by the earth’s core and flow through the magnetosphere, a teardrop-shaped area of highly charged electrical and magnetic fields.

As the electrons enter the earth’s upper atmosphere, they will encounter atoms of oxygen and nitrogen at altitudes from 20 to 200 miles above the earth’s surface. The color of the aurora depends on which atom is struck, and the altitude of the meeting.

Can I pay by card? / Do you have and ATM?

We accept Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards, but unfortunately not Amex or Diners card.

The nearest ATM is located in the village of Pello, about 8 km from Valkea Lodge.

I have a food allergy / special diet, can I still eat at your restaurant?

Yes you can. But please inform us / your travel agent bout the allergy / diet at least 7 days before your arrival, so that we can inform the kitchen. If we get this information on your arrival, we can not guarantee that you will get the food you require.

What is the booking and cancellation policy?

Valkea Lapland Oy reserves the right to change prices. Valkea Lapland Oy reserves the right to change the routing and duration of all excursions, if necessary, according to the prevailing weather and snow conditions or if deemed advisable for the sake of safety and the comfort of the participants.

We follow these terms of reservation and cancellation:

  • Cancelling a preliminary reservation is free of charge.
  • A preliminary reservation is not binding for either party.
  • If a confirmed reservation is cancelled prior to 28 days before the beginning of the affair, 5% of the value of the reservation will be charged.
  • If a confirmed reservation is cancelled from 28 to 14 days before the beginning of the affair, 20% of the value of the reservation will be charged.
  • If a confirmed reservation is cancelled from 14 days to 48 hours before the beginning of the affair, 50% of the value of the reservation will be charged.
  • If a confirmed reservation is cancelled later than 48 hours before the beginning of the affair, the whole value of the reservation will be charged.
  • The affair shall be charged according to the number of participants recorded in the reservation.
  • All food allergies or other limitations regarding meal services must be informed 3 working days before the beginning of the affair at the latest.

What is the safety and self liability for safaris?

Safety information for safaris

Clothing and Equipment
Each participant is given the necessary clothing for the duration of the safari. Your own clothes under the overalls during should be light, warm and comfortable, e.g. wool,  fleece. Our snowmobiles and other equipment have been tested in demanding conditions and they are proved to work well.

Safety is our top priority. All our guides have undertaken our training program and have a long experience. We provide guidance in English. Some of the languages are available at an additional cost.

All the snowmobiles are insured as required by the Finnish Traffic Insurance Act. This insurance covers medical care for injuries to the driver and the passenger arising from accidents. Personal injuries and damages to other parties while driving a snowmobile are fully covered according to the Finnish Traffic Insurance Act.

Valkea is not liable in general for personal injuries or material damage arising from accidents during other activities and excursions in which snowmobiles are not involved.

Personal travel insurance is therefore highly recommended.

Self liability
Safari participants are held liable for damages caused to snowmobiles scooters. The amount of the self liability is 700 EUR / snowmobile / accident and 500 EUR / husky team / accident.

The self liability is mentioned during the snowmobile driving lesson before safari.

Driving terms
The driver of a snowmobile must be 18 years old with a valid driving license. Minor (16 – 17 years old) with a valid driving license can participate in safari as driver under control and permission of parent.

Children under 12 years are seated into the sledge pulled by the snowmobile.

Driving a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic products is prohibited by Finnish law.

As the responsible safari organizer, we reserve the right to change the routing and duration of the programs if necessary, according to the prevailing weather and snow conditions or if deemed advisable for the sake of safety and the comfort of the participants. We also reserve the right to discontinue the safari if a participant is seen as a potential danger to him/herself or to others, or is in poor health.