Westribe team have expanded and continued from Svanstein Arctic Experience to Valkea Arctic Experience.  We are the same tribe as before,  with the same service, activities and familiarity, but now we can offer brand new and improved accommodation in log cabins. 

Valkea Lodge offers a fantastic network of trails and nature directly from the doorstep, perfect for i.e. Snowmobile safaris, Snowshoe trekking, Cross-country skiing, Ice-fishing, Snowboarding/Downhill skiing, and last but not least; our own Husky farm with real Siberian huskies.

“Valkea” is an old Finnish word, meaning both “White” and “Fire”. Hense, Valkea Lodge lies nessled in the lappish White winter pine forest, by the White lake. In the evenings, as people like to do here in the north, we all relax by a Fire from our private Fire place in the log cabin apartments. 

 We have untouched wilderness as far as the eye can see, forests and hills, rivers and lakes, campfires and coffee, no hurry and silence, the midnight sun and northern lights. These adventures you get to experience safely with our experienced guides.


#Valkea Arctic Experience

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This is how we make the days go by in Valkea.
Thank you Karla and Jo for the photos.
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Valkea Arctic Experience
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All the things you may learn on the Nature Day...😁
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Valkea Arctic Experience
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Pink skies in our fairy-tail forest
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Anke Kroll Sanne Verheyden Mmmm, the most beautiful time of the year! ♥️Mario Pahnke 😭 Valkea Arctic Experience
The weather is sunny, and so are our guests and guide! Chilly -30 degrees Celsius, but the atmosphere at Valkea is always warm 😃 Nadine Spitaels Greetings from Belgium traveller with "De Blauwe Vogel" this summer !! Valkea Arctic Experience
Valkea By Night: Snowshoeing in the untouched wilderness is an unforgettable experience. Valkea Arctic Experience
Hyvää Joulua! Merry Christmas! God Jul! Joyeux Noël! Vrolijk Kerstfeest! Fröhliche Weihnachten! Valkea Arctic Experience
Rainbow trouts are moving in! They weigh ~1kg each, and soon more 😊 How about some ice fishing? Marianne Huijskes-Nagel Wow! Ben 😎 Valkea Arctic Experience
Organic Vegan days with Ashton Valkea Arctic Experience
Valkea Arctic Experience
Welcome Frédéric, Ashton and retreat participants. We wish you a beautiful retreat!
Tervetuloa Frédéric, Ashton ja retriittiosallistujat. Toivotamme teille antoistaa retriittiä!
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Valkea Arctic Experience
Aloitamme joulupöydän tarjoilun huomenna (lauantaina) jo klo 17.00, jotta halukkaat ehtivät vielä Einin konserttiin ruokailun jälkeen. Joulupöytä siis klo.17-21.

Terkuin Valkean tiimi 😊
Esa Auramäki Herkullinen oli Valkean buffetti eilen illalla hyvässä seurassa.Tellervo Uusitalo Os Torikka Oli kyllä tosi tosi hyvä ruoka!! Kiitos!! Valkea Arctic Experience
Turistsatsningar i Pello / Pellossa uskothaan turismin - Meänraatio
Our Big Boss got to experience his 5 minutes of fame in a local radio interview! Valkea welcomes also local visitors, Tervetuloa! And we promise; The Big Boss’ jokes are much better live! 😀

Närmare 40 miljoner kronor har ...
Valkea Arctic Experience The jokes are available in several different languages! 😀 Valkea Arctic Experience
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Beautiful winter afternoon at Valkea! Come and experience our peaceful surroundings, and warm and cozy log cabins!
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Julien Fratani Sabrina Fratani Valkea Arctic Experience