Westribe team have expanded and continued from Svanstein Arctic Experience to Valkea Arctic Experience.  We are the same tribe as before,  with the same service, activities and familiarity, but now we can offer brand new and improved accommodation in log cabins. 

The Lappish Summer with the never ending daylight, can be enjoyed in Valkea with for example hiking, canoeing, biking or fishing.

In the Winter, Valkea Lodge offers a fantastic network of trails and nature directly from the doorstep, perfect for i.e. Snowmobile safaris, Snowshoe trekking, Cross-country skiing, Ice-fishing, Snowboarding/Downhill skiing, and last but not least; our own Husky farm with real Siberian huskies.

“Valkea” is an old Finnish word, meaning both “White” and “Fire”. Hense, Valkea Lodge lies nessled in the lappish White winter pine forest, by the White lake. In the evenings, as people like to do here in the north, we all relax by a Fire from our private Fire place in the log cabin apartments. 

 We have untouched wilderness as far as the eye can see, forests and hills, rivers and lakes, campfires and coffee, no hurry and silence, the midnight sun and northern lights. These adventures you get to experience safely with our experienced guides.


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Food & drink | Valkea
Valkea ravintola kesä à la carte
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Keittiö palvelee joka päivä 13:00 – 20:00


Vihersalaatti, leipä (L, G) 7,00 €
Lohisalaatti, leipä (L, G) 9,00 €
Kanasalaatti, leipä (L, G) 9,00 €
Valkea Arctic Experience
Valkea ravintola on auki päivittäin kesän aikana pe 15.6 alkaen. Keittiö palvelee klo 13:00-20:00 ja ravintola klo 22:00 saakka. Tervetuloa!

Valkea restaurangen är öppen dagligen från 15 juni. Köket är öppet kl 13:00-20:00 (finsk tid) och restaurangen till 22:00. Välkommen!

Eet smakelijk Dutchies! 👍 Valkea Arctic Experience
Travelpello.fi - On the better side of the Arctic Circle, Pello, Lapland
Meillä on vielä vapaita mökkejä lohenpyynnön aikana! Lisätietoa ja hinnat: http://valkea.net/fi/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://valkea.net/fi/

We still have available cabins during the salmon fishing season! More information and prices: http://valkea.net/
The salmon migration has started here in Tornio River in Lapland. You can follow ...
Valkea Arctic Experience
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Thank you Nathalie, Joelle, Jouko, Antti-Pekka for a beautiful boating and hiking day!
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Valkea Arctic Experience
Salmon fly fishing on Tornio River in Pello in Lapland - chasing Baltic salmon Finland...
To continue with the fishing theme - beautiful video of ladies fishing salmon
Travel Pello tourism video: a Finnish and Swedish woman chasing Baltic salmon under the midnight sun in Pello in Tornio / Torne River. Salmon fly fishing ...
Marcus Wiklund 😍 Valkea Arctic Experience
Fishing Finland
Summer Valkea - Fishing season on its way, in Europe's longest free flowing river and Miekojärvi
New videos about Finland regularly. Fishing Finland Find out more about Finland: http://www.visitfinland.com http://www.facebook.com/visitfinland http://www....
Valkea Arctic Experience
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As our winter season comes to an end, so do our team introductions... But don't forget; Summer in Lapland is beautiful 🤩 and our team is here to welcome you! We have also a new "trainee": This lovely young man ... See you in march Viljo! Yay! Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Adam
Our guide Adam has been a part of our happy bunch since 2010. Adam values the fact that Valkea adventures respect and focus on our beautiful nature. "The buildings fit to the surroundings, showcasing the traditional materials and ...
I don 't know Adam but I love the dog!!! 😉😘 We went on a snowshoe walk with Adam and enjoyed it very much. Also had a great train of thought ... Hyvä Adam, ihana koiruus ja söpö pipo😄 Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Auli
Our lovely chauffeur Auli, a.k.a. Carl Gunnar's better half 😊, has been a part of Valkea team since 2008. Auli enjoy's discussions with the customers, which is good since sometimes the transportations can last more than 10 minutes ...
We also liked the discussions!!! Our best driver! Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Carl Gunnar
Carl Gunnar has been in charge of the safe travels of Valkea customers for 10 years already! 😇 As a social guy, CG values our lovely guests, and the Valkea team. Carl Gunnar admits to being a ...
Som norrlänning skulle han jaga älg.☺ Hé Jeanet Smit... Valkea Arctic Experience