Westribe team have expanded and continued from Svanstein Arctic Experience to Valkea Arctic Experience.  We are the same tribe as before,  with the same service, activities and familiarity, but now we can offer brand new and improved accommodation in log cabins. 

Valkea Lodge offers a fantastic network of trails and nature directly from the doorstep, perfect for i.e. Snowmobile safaris, Snowshoe trekking, Cross-country skiing, Ice-fishing, Snowboarding/Downhill skiing, and last but not least; our own Husky farm with real Siberian huskies.

“Valkea” is an old Finnish word, meaning both “White” and “Fire”. Hense, Valkea Lodge lies nessled in the lappish White winter pine forest, by the White lake. In the evenings, as people like to do here in the north, we all relax by a Fire from our private Fire place in the log cabin apartments. 

 We have untouched wilderness as far as the eye can see, forests and hills, rivers and lakes, campfires and coffee, no hurry and silence, the midnight sun and northern lights. These adventures you get to experience safely with our experienced guides.


#Valkea Arctic Experience

Introducing Mia
Mia has been the boss’s “right hand” when it comes to e-mails, management and marketing for the last 8 year already. Guests and staff make Mia smile every day at Valkea 😊 Her free time Mia likes to ...
Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Johanna
Johanna is also one of Valkea’s new recruits! Our efficient and trustworthy Johanna makes sure that Valkea cottages are clean and comfortable to stay in. She values the staff and lovely scenery at Valkea – this is what ...
Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Oona
Despite her age, Oona has brought the girl power to Valkea team since the very beginning, 2002 🙂 Our always energetic Oona mostly works as a waitress, keeping the bar and dining room organized – but helps out ...
OOna se on aina niin hymyssä suin ja nilkka muoti teillä on samanlainen kuin täälläkin. Ihana Oona 💗 Opiskelu liittyy varmaanki terveyteen ja luontoon vai miten se on 🤔 Thanks for the good guesses! These are great alternatives if I ever decide to change my profession 😊 the correct ... Valkea Arctic Experience
Thank you you Jacqueline, our Cross-country Ski Instructor, Colleague and Friend, for this great season with you! Kijk, da's nou nog eens leuk Jacq! Die kun je mooi in je zak steken en zo terug in Nederland ... Thank you Jacqueline! Great memories !!! Safe travels Jacqueline!
Nice picture!!
Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Heidi
Heidi is a new addition to Valkea crew! As a waitress, whe has been helping and serving dinner to our guests on many evenings – always smiling! ”Best about Valkea are the warm atmosphere, nice colleagues and interesting ...
Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Ville-Pekka
You can find V-P behind the bar almost every evening. V-P has been a part of Valkea team since 2002, and manages the restaurant with calmness and experience. Fun fact! Ville-Pekka is a passionate follower of sports… almost ...
And off course our most handsome teammember :) Nice picture Mr W!
Always in a good mood!
Great Guy , fantastic humor !
Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Jacqueline
Jacqueline is second of our Dutch reinforcements – she has been a part of our team since 2003. She works in customer service, and is always ready to help – even in the smallest questions :) Jacqueline says, ...
Inderdaad ; super langlauf les van haar gehad! En altijd even attent! Topwijffie! Als ze terug in ons kikkerlandje is, gaan we snel weer bijkletsen! 😘 Ze kan ook heel goed uitleggen hoe je moet langlaufen . En zeer gelachen met dobbelen Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Tony
Valkea’s sous chef Tony has been a part of our team for three years, and is working as Terttu’s (not so) little helper. Tony keeps the spirit up in the kitchen 😃 During his free time Tony likes ...
Maybe you can, only tonight, come out of the kitchen and wave to us 😉 Never trust a skinny chef :) Good work, Tony.. Hienoa Tony Lakkapää Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Terttu
Our head chef Terttu has been a part of the Valkea team for more than 5 years. Terttu is one of Valkea’s strong ladies, and the kitchen is her kingdom. Naturally, Terttu thinks that the food at Valkea ...
Best food in Lapland, specially the French Fries :) We hebben zalig gegeten zeker de soep was geweldig Topkok. Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Robert Jan
Robert Jan is one of our Dutch reinforcements – he has worked as a guide at Valkea for 8 seasons. When time goes by and guide’s work becomes too hard, Robert Jan could make and excellent babysitter… ...
Klopt helemaal! En na onze geweldige Lapland-ervaring inmiddels ook al jaren een goede vriend van ons! 😘 Intussen twee kids ... Exact 4 jaar geleden hebben we deze "creme van een vent " leren kennen . Robert Jan Swinkels, je hebt ... Was geweldig om met deze man op pad te gaan we hebben er super van genoten Valkea Arctic Experience
Introducing Marja
Marja is the spine of the operation, and has been a part of Valkea team from the very beginning. Whenever something is gone missing, she is the one to ask! You can find Marja anywhere and everywhere… taking ...
Ihana kuva serkkuseni 💖. Aina yhtä nuoren näköinen👍😊. Taitaa olla kaimani "joka paikan höylä"😉 Heipparallaa ja ohoo, siinähän on minun oma pikkusisko . Löysitte sitten Marjan linssin eteen 📷 Ihana 💗ja hyvä kuva sissosta ... Valkea Arctic Experience