Westribe team have expanded and continued from Svanstein Arctic Experience to Valkea Arctic Experience.  We are the same tribe as before,  with the same service, activities and familiarity, but now we can offer brand new and improved accommodation in log cabins. 

Valkea Lodge offers a fantastic network of trails and nature directly from the doorstep, perfect for i.e. Snowmobile safaris, Snowshoe trekking, Cross-country skiing, Ice-fishing, Snowboarding/Downhill skiing, and last but not least; our own Husky farm with real Siberian huskies.

“Valkea” is an old Finnish word, meaning both “White” and “Fire”. Hense, Valkea Lodge lies nessled in the lappish White winter pine forest, by the White lake. In the evenings, as people like to do here in the north, we all relax by a Fire from our private Fire place in the log cabin apartments. 

 We have untouched wilderness as far as the eye can see, forests and hills, rivers and lakes, campfires and coffee, no hurry and silence, the midnight sun and northern lights. These adventures you get to experience safely with our experienced guides.


#Valkea Arctic Experience

Poikkinaintiajot – Pellon Moottorikerho ry. Meiltä löytyy vielä muutama vapaa mökki Poikkinaintiajojen aikaan! Varukset puh. 040 733 5951 / info@westribe.fi


We still have a few cabins available during the time of the Pello Folkrace! Bookings: +358 (0)40 733 5951 / info@westribe.fi
Pellon Poikkinaintiajot: seuraavan ...
Valkea Arctic Experience
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Welcome all fishermen, - women and families. We still have some accommodation available for the summer. Don't hesitate to contact us: info@westribe.fi, +358(0)407335951.

Tervetuloa kaikki kalastajat! Meiltä löytyy vielä vapaita mökkejä kesän kalastusreissuun tai lomamatkalle. Varaukset ja tiedustelut: info@westribe.fi, 0407335951
Averien Knol Nog anderhalf week.....Claire Enkelaar Johan Van Der Westhuyzen Valkea Arctic Experience
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Tervetuloa! Ravintolamme on avoinna 1.6.2017 alkaen joka päivä 8-22:00 (pe ja la 8-24:00). Keittiö on auki joka päivä 15-21:30. Á la carte menu: http://valkea.net/fi/ruoka-ja-juoma-2/
Welcome! Our restaurant is open every day 8-22:00 (Fri and Sat 8-24:00) starting from 1.6.2017. The ...
Juliette Schaller We loved !!! And delicious meals Valkea Arctic Experience
Valkea Arctic Expereince
Sit back and enjoy Valkea Arctic Experience!
Luckily there is only a short summer before winter again :)
Pellon Korjuun Näyttelyassistentti Niin hieno! :) Valkea Arctic Experience
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Picture of the week, not much trace of summer yet B-)
Valkea Arctic Experience at Valkea Arctic Experience.
Valkea Arctic Experience
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Another beautiful winter day in Valkea Arctic Experience Valkea Arctic Experience
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Toimimme tilausravintolana 30.5 saakka. 1.6.2017 alkaen ravintola on avoinna joka päivä (keittiö avoinna 15-21:30, ma, ti suljettu).

Our restaurant is open for pre-bookings only until 30.5. From 1.6.2017, the restaurant is again open every day (kitchen open 15-21:30, Mo, Tue ...
Maud Lesage Dat ziet er daar gezellig uit!! :) :)
Vele groetjes van Maud & Hélène, Tanguy en Marilot (uit België, we ...
Ingrid Slock Mocht het iets dichter bij huis zijn , kwamen we zeker eens langs ! Smakelijk Robert Jan en Jacqueline.Hein G Nadja S Leuk jullie weer eens te zien!
Ons rendierrijbewijs is vorige maand verlopen. Hoe moet dat nou...?!?
Grtz van ons vieren. ...
Valkea Arctic Experience
Pääsiäisillallinen la 15.4 klo. 18:00
Pöytävaraukset puh. 040 7335951 /info@westribe.fi
- Salaattipöytä
- Porsaan ulkofile, kermaperunoita, kasviksia
- Jälkiruokapöytä
Hinta: 34€, lapset alle 12 v. 20€
Pääsiäisillallinen la 15.4 klo. 18:00
Pöytävaraukset puh. 040 7335951 /info@westribe.fi
- Salaattipöytä
- Porsaan ...
Valkea Arctic Experience
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Valkea during the "blue moment".
Photo credit to Klaus-Peter Kappest
Jyri Koivisto kivasti valon kajoa joka mökissä. Valkea Arctic Experience
SoulMate Huskies.
Our wonderful SoulMate Huskies. Photo credit Mirian Hendriks. Maud Lesage Looking forward to meet you on Saturday! We'll stay 1 week. :) Valkea Arctic Experience
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- no words needed - Photo credit to Mirian Hendriks Annemie Desmedt Zo lief.Frank Neels B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!!Saskia Van Ewijk-van Der Pasch Han van Ewijk Valkea Arctic Experience
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This is how our big boss spends his days these days :) Thank you Stephan for the beautiful photos.
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Timo Sirkkala The real life. Valkea Arctic Experience