Why choose Valkea arctic experience?

Are you looking for quietness and piece of mind? Explore a different way of living in Valkea, with no hurry and nature by your doorstep. Find the wellness for both body and mind that our nature and wilderness offer. Let your senses relax and renew in the snow covered forest in the winter, or by the placid water under the midnight sun and early morning mist in the summer. 

At night, you sleep in total silence, apart from the sounds of the nature, in cabins made from red pine wood without any unnatural materials. 

The Lappish Summer with the never ending daylight, can be enjoyed in Valkea with for example hiking, canoeing, biking or fishing.

In the Winter, Valkea Lodge offers a fantastic network of trails and nature directly from your cabin, perfect for Snowmobile safaris, Snowshoe trekking, Cross-country skiing, Ice-fishing, Snowboarding/Downhill skiing, and last but not least; our own Husky farm with real Siberian huskies.


By taking the Sustainable Finland Pledge I have committed myself for sustainable travelling. I love and respect the nature and show it by taking care of it during my visits. I will also honor the local culture and be thankful for my hosts.

On my journey I pledge to be like a Finn, and by this, I mean slowing down from within. The wilderness lets me relax and connect, I promise to treat it with the utmost respect. Its forests and lakes should remain plastic-free, so I will not leave any rubbish behind me.

The world-class tap water shall quench my thirst, because in my choices the climate comes first. In Finland it’s our equal right to roam free. This right should be enjoyed responsibly. The berries and mushrooms are there to be eaten, but I’ll stick to the paths that are already beaten. Long before humans the wildlife’s been there, so I won’t set up camp just anywhere. I shall also respect the lives of locals,and will be considerate with cameras or loud vocals. I know Finns can seem just a little reserved, but with this pledge their trust will surely be earned.

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