Join a day tour of skishoeing - the new way of moving in the snow - and enjoy the great surroundings. A skishoe is a hybrid snowshoe that glides.
Depending on the snow conditions we can try to float through powdery snow or glide easily on harder packed snow.

In comparison to moving with snowshoes, there is a added component to the sport, increasing their speed and adding to the fun. At the same time, it is much easier that with regular skis to climb uphill and allows for brother conditions and terrain. Because the skis-hoe has a wide platform, it has flotation in deep powder snow.

This is a whole day of ski-shoeing, lunch will be served outdoors or in a Lappish Kota and prepared over a campfire.

Program includes instruction and all necessary equipment.

Approx. 5 hours MIN. 2 PERSONS 7.1.2024-18.4.2024 137 EUR / PERSON Trip inquiries