The guests will harness a reindeer, put it in front of the sledge and start a journey in the wilderness. There are two persons sitting in each sledge and a guide leading the group. During the safari we enjoy a lunch prepared on open fire. After the safari, we will visit the Arctic Snow Hotel and get a guided tour. Incl. hot drink.

approx. 5 1/2 hours Min. 2 adults 8.1.2022 - 14.4.2022 Starting from 182€ Trip inquiries



2-3 persons: 267 €/person
Minimum 4 persons: 182€/person

Children under 12 years: 40% discount, when travelling with min. 2 adults


In the length of the excursion (5 1/2 h) is included a total of approximately 1 1/2 h transfers.